Tanaka Koki

October~ Again

Like 3 years ago I posted a livejournal entry about how October was an amazing month for KAT-TUN that year....

well this year October marked the begining of Tanaka Koki's new band INKT!!!! <3 I am so so so so excited to see where this new band will go and the music they'll produce, ect. I just can't believe that Koki will finally be making songs and stuff again... and it's a rock band. :D

I'm sure many people will notice the similarities to Koki's new band and One Ok Rock with the lead singer, Taka, having been a former NEWS member way back in the day. I feel like it leaves room to bash at Koki for copying or something negative like that..... but I'm just so happy that Koki is finally out there again! :)

Of course this means that now I'll just have another artist to spend money on other than KAT-TUN... this may not be good news for my bank account. :P lol

Of course with October that also means Ueda's birthday~! :D

I can't believe that he's gonna be 31~ Man time sure does fly~ lol ^^; 
Maru Ehh

KAT-TUN, then and now~

So I was rewatching some old KAT-TUN videos that I have. I just happened to choose to watch Utaban from when KAT-TUN first debuted and it was their first time on the show.

So they were asking KAT-TUN questions and KAT-TUN would push a button and it'd tally how many people said yes to the question, but you wouldn't know who. They were asking questions about if you dislike anyone in KAT-TUN, and other questions. The last question is what got me though; In 10 years, would you still want to be in KAT-TUN; 4 people answered yes. It just blows my mind and makes me feel all the feels that there are only 4 members currently in KAT-TUN. T^T


Eien no Zero

So I'm watching the movie Eien no Zero that has Okada Junichi, Ueda Tatsuya, Miura Haruma (and other people) in it... I originally wanted to watch this movie because Ueda was in it and it was his first movie and all that... he was in quite a few promotions and things like that so even though Okada had the main role I thought he'd be in the movie for a decent portion of time....

He was a part of the movie for literally like 10 minutes. I don't even. I'm still not done with the movie I just had to pause it and rant because for real. WTF. :|

I'm sure I'll still enjoy this movie b/c I've heard it's very feel-y and stuff but still... that was jacked up. :\

Okay rant over, time to watch the rest of the movie~ I'm not even halfway there~
Maru Ehh

Random Gif post~

There is no real reason for making this journal entry... I was just looking at my very few journal entries and saw that I hadn't made one in like 2 years. So here I am... making a new one. :D

I have nothing to talk about really.... ^^;

So here are some fun gifs instead~ :D

[*I did not make/create/ claim any of the following gifs as my own~*]261eqrm

















I apologize for the excessive amount of gifs~ Once I started looking through my folders I just couldn't stop. :P

Well that is all for this journal entry~

Moar Randomness

I felt I haven't written a journal entry in a while... so now I'm writing one. ^^
I don't really have anything to say, but whatever~ ;3
Rambling on, I wish I had money to buy KAT-TUN's new single.
The PV looks amazing and the song also sounds amazing. 
Not to mention the B-side songs as well to look forward to. ^_^ 

And there's new dramas to look forward to from KAT-TUN with Ueda & Nakamaru. I also look forward to that. ;]
But before I start any summer dramas, I need to finish watching the spring dramas that are still airing. :P 
Like Ohno's drama Kagi no Kagetta Heya. I really like it so far. 
I also look forward to watching Papa wa Idol! but the ratings don't seem to be as high as I though they'd be. Also there's only a few episodes subbed so far... 
Going even farther back, I'm still in the middle of Ueda's Runaway drama. Recently there has been someone releasing softsubs so I'm grateful for that. I've had it on hiatus for so long. :P

... I guess I did find something to write about. :D 
Well, the end for now. ;) 
KAT-TUN 4nin Gimme Luv


I'm so happy!! :D 

I had ordered KAT-TUN's new single, "BIRTH", since October 30th and now it finally arrived!!! :D :D :D :D 

For a while there, I was scared it wasn't gonna come. This was the first time I've pre-ordered anything off the internet. ^^; 

In the end it all worked out. :D 

Next thing to pre-order is Akanishi's new single "Season". :> 

KAT-TUN 4nin Gimme Luv

Random Entry of DOOM~

Just posting a random entry to procrastinate from writing my paper. ^_^ 


I'm hungry. 

My internet connection seems to be a bit slow. :/

Anyways jumping to a totally different topic, I'm excited for KAT-TUN's single BIRTH to be released! :] For the first time in my 18 years of living I bought something online. ^_~ It's like an early Christmas present for myself seeing how it's gonna come like the second week of December. It's a bit of a wait, but it should be so worth it. :3 

And with that, this random entry is done! 


Yep it's done. ^_^



As many KAT-TUN fans know, October is the month of KAT-TUN awesomeness~ lol

Kame's new drama starts, Ueda's new drama starts, AND KAT-TUN's new variety show starts in this month. <3 Also Maru's drama is still going on~  

It really is a lovely month for KAT-TUN fans. <3

So this journal entry is dedicated to the month of KAT-TUN October. ^_^
~Edit Oct 3,2011~

I can't believe I totally forgot to mention Ueda's birthday in the month of October as well! D: 
I believe technically it's his birthday right now in Japan so...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAT-CHAN~!!!! <3 :3 
With much love from your fans~ XD